Myobraces in Melbourne

Myobraces in Melbourne are a pre-orthodontic system that aims to get to the heart of crooked teeth causes, addressing these in order to prevent the use of braces or teeth extraction. Getting Myobraces in the Melbourne CBD involves retraining the use of the jaw and the muscles in the mouth area, meaning it’s best used with children aged between 3 and 15 whose mouths are still developing. When engaged in Myobraces treatment, patients will need to wear a mouth appliance that looks a bit like a mouthguard 1 to 2 hours every day, as well as overnight during sleep.

What Does Myobrace Do?

  • Instigates better oral habits
  • Strengthens and straightens the jaws
  • Corrects teeth orientation
  • Aids facial development
  • Increases overall dental health
  • Corrects eating habits

How Do Myobraces in Melbourne Work?

Myobrace is a dental innovation that doesn’t just straighten teeth once they’re already crooked, but works on a preventative level to correct unhelpful myofunctional habits. Myobrace mouth appliances allow children to breathe though their nose, swallow easily, and develop and widen their jaws so that as they grow, there’s enough room in their mouths for all their teeth to appear naturally straight.

Why Choose Myobraces over Conventional Braces?

Myobraces work on children whose jaws are still developing, which means that rather than trying to force teeth into a new shape once they’ve already become set in place, Myobraces in Melbourne CBD work more gently at an earlier stage. There are also potential problems with conventional braces – they can weaken the tooth roots in some people, as well as causing pain, discomfort and embarrassment. But Myobraces only need to be in the child’s mouth for 1 to 2 hours per day and overnight, which means that the treatment is much less invasive.

Get Myobraces in Melbourne at Family Dental on Collins

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