Children’s Dentistry

Friendly Children’s Dentist in the Melbourne CBD

Family Dental on Collins understands the importance of caring for a child’s smile and their dental health in general. Our kids’ dentist in Melbourne loves educating children about why they need to look after their teeth and gums, and how it can also boost their confidence.

Our children’s dentist is passionate about children’s dentistry, and encourages Melbourne parents to bring their children to our medical practice in the Melbourne CBD as soon as the first baby tooth has erupted. We like to educate parents on how they should look after their children’s teeth and allow them to exfoliate naturally. However, the child’s teeth are not our only concern. It is very important to evaluate the child’s oral mucosa, tongue and airway during their 6-monthly check-up. The 6-monthly check-up helps the child to develop healthy and naturally and to identify any potential issues while still in their early stages.

Children’s Dentistry Services We Provide

  • Teeth cleaning
  • Preventive dentistry
  • Fillings
  • Braces and retainers
  • Early age orthodontic treatment
  • Emergency dental services
  • And more

Children Orthodontic Treatment

One major facet of children’s dentistry is checking for any jaw size discrepancy that will affect the health and development of a child’s face and teeth. Our children’s dentist in the Melbourne CBD believes in interceptive children orthodontic treatment, which is cost-effective and less invasive for children. Our philosophy is that the child should have a correctly positioned jaw and aligned teeth by the time they reach adolescence.

The conditions our early age orthodontic treatment can help to treat include:

  • Jaw growth issues
  • Tooth eruption
  • Cross-bites
  • Overcrowding
  • Thumb sucking
  • Snoring

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To help ensure your child has a beautiful and healthy smile for life, make an appointment with our kids’ dentist in Melbourne. Call our Melbourne CBD clinic today on (03) 9654 5745 or send an email to for exceptional and affordable dental treatment for children.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our children’s dentist in Melbourne strongly believes that children should start receiving dental care after their first birthday, or when their first tooth appears. Having your child start coming to our clinic from a very young age helps them understand the importance of looking after their teeth.

The children’s dentist at our Melbourne CBD clinic is very friendly and will carefully and gently examine your child’s teeth and mouth. Our dentist will explain to your child, using very simple and easy to understand language, why they must take care of their teeth and why dental treatments are needed.

After examining your child’s teeth, our dentist will conduct a dental cleaning and take an x-ray if necessary. They will speak to you afterwards to discuss any dental issues they discover and what treatment options are recommended, if any.